Static Roots Festival 2023

Fr07Jul(Jul 7)16:00Sa08(Jul 8)23:00Static Roots Festival 2023Zentrum Altenberg, Altenberg Soziokultur GmbH, Hansastr. 20, 46049 Oberhausen VeranstalterAltenberg Soziokultur GmbH16:00 - 23:00 (8)(GMT+02:00)


The Static Roots Festival is more than
just a music festival – it’s a passion, an attitude, and an experience
that touches the souls of its participants. Established with the aim of
bringing together lovers of roots, folk, and Americana music, the
festival has grown into an institution over the years, offering a
unique, familial atmosphere that sets it apart from other festivals.

The philosophy behind the Static Roots
Festival is deeply rooted in the idea of „Peace, Love, Rock’n’Roll“ and
places great emphasis on creating a warm and welcoming environment
where artists and visitors alike feel welcome and valued. The festival
strives to provide a platform for lesser-known artists and bands to
showcase their talent and build a dedicated fan base.

The Static Roots Festival pursues a
sustainable vision that takes into account not only the environment but
also the mental well-being of participants. With the slogan „roots music
to feed your soul,“ the festival underscores the emotional and
spiritual significance of music and offers attendees a sustainable
festival experience that deeply touches and inspires them.

The organizers of the Static Roots
Festival are committed to making a positive contribution to society with
their event. By supporting „Doctors Without Borders,“ they demonstrate
their social commitment and set an example for compassion and
solidarity. In addition, the festival also promotes emerging artists and
provides them with the opportunity to present their skills in front of
an international audience.

The Static Roots Festival is a place
of encounter, exchange, and community. People from all over the world
come together to share their love for music and experience unforgettable
moments together. In a world that is becoming faster and more
superficial, the Static Roots Festival stands for authenticity, depth,
and the power of music to touch people’s hearts and connect them with
one another.

In summary, the Static Roots Festival
embodies a philosophy that puts the well-being of participants, the
promotion of emerging artists, and social commitment at the forefront.
It is a festival that inspires its visitors to celebrate their love for
music while simultaneously raising awareness of the importance of
cohesion, sustainability, and solidarity.

Zentrum Altenberg


7. Juli 2023 16:00 - 8. Juli 2023 23:00(GMT+02:00)